Monday, May 25, 2020

Film Analysis Of Belle Epoque - 981 Words

The 1992 film directed by Fernando Trueba, Belle Epoque is a Spanish film that is set in 1931 and while the year itself seems to hold little significance to the plot of the story it provides viewers with an alternative to what the 1930’s in Spain could have held. Belle Epoque demonstrates to viewers a society in which sexual liberation, and freedom, are accepted as well as a reversal in the roles of men and women. One of most interesting aspects of the film is of the relationship between the four daughters, Clara (played by Miriam Diaz Aroca), Rocà ­o (played by Maribel Verdà º), Violeta (played by Ariadna Gil), and Luz (played by Penà ©lope Cruz) and their interaction with a mysterious visitor Fernando (played by Jorge Sanz). Throughout the†¦show more content†¦She is in a soldier’s uniform specifically the same green uniform that appears in the opening of the movie in which we find out that Fernando is a deserting soldier. This particular costume of Violet a’s is a reminder of the key theme that runs throughout the film, the reversal of gender roles. The costume also holds symbolic value as well because soldiers are often associated with masculine traits such a bravery, strength, and aggression, three traits which are commonly reserved for only men. However, Trueba abolished this notion throughout the film and Violeta as a soldier helps facilitate his agenda. There are other masculine traits that Violeta takes on in the scene such a thin drawn on mustache. The mustache can be seen as another way in which Trueba tries to exemplify Violeta’s ability to be masculine. This addition to her appearance is important because a mustache can mark the transition from adolescence to manhood, but in Violeta’s case it helps to cement her desire to break away from the prescribed notion held in society of a woman or ideas of gender. Violeta’s costume can also be interpreted as a signifier of the desire of the women in the f ilm as well as portraying them as the sexual aggressors by placing Violeta in a position of power. If Violeta is in a position of power then Fernando’s costume places him in a position of inferiority. Fernando is presented in this sequence dressed in a French maid costume. It is a classic outfit

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